The history behind MyMedCards

In the 2013, Sarah Munkholm, the owner and at that time a medical student faced a challenge in her first days in the clinic. She realised how difficult local, national as well as international up-to-date medical information was to apply, mainly due to its poor availability. Furthermore, she experienced a specific situation which finally convinced her to spend all her spare time in the years to come to create a solution that could prevent this event to reoccur and contribute to improving quality in healthcare delivery

The “Why” MyMedCards
A young and newly educated doctor was responsible for an acute bleeding patient. The first thing this doctor did, was to place her hand in her pockets to locate a specific pocket card, which she has just received a few days ago at her pre-training about initiation of treatment of a bleeding patient. Unfortunately, this day she had forgotten her cards, and she decided to leave the patient to locate this exact card.
This event shows the vital importance of the right information at the right time and speed for healthcare professionals. At at the same time it addresses the whole issue regarding poor and limited access to vital medical information, which may have essential downfall to the patients.

Therefore, Sarah started gathering the information for the app and six months later she released the first version of MyMedCards on App Store and Google Play in the summer 2015 by using social media, medical related papers, etc. The app was a success and got a lot of national publicity.
Subsequently, the many new users requested an app containing specific local information, which became the PRO version. This was released, tested and refined in summer and autumn 2015.
Since then, the company has been an active entrant within the healthcare sector.


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