Your benefits

MyMedCards has been developed, tested and substantially improved at both hospitals and municipalities in Denmark. The results from these tests were positive and the health care professionals acknowledged the benefits. They stated that the solution was both highly useful, secure and reliable in a clinical setting. It was noted that the app saves time; in average 3.5 minutes each time information was needed, potentially increasing time spent on patient care. Half of the employees who tested the app even agreed that it in itself would actively reduce the number of undesirable incidents at the hospital, as the app provide the right information at the right time. Need more about your benefits underneath.

Increased quality

  • Gathers information at one place
  • Provides measurable parameters
  • Uses of valid sources
  • Evidence based information

Increased accessibility

  • Available at the point of care
  • Provides access to updated and relevant information
  • Offline availability
  • Supports individual need for information

Financial gains

  • Eliminates print outs
  • Eliminates resources on distribution and updating processes
  • Decrease time spent on searching for information
  • Decrease risk of unintended events and patient mistakes

Empowered patient safety and security

  • Support correct decision making
  • Health care staff remains focused on the patients


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