MyMedCards PRO

MyMedCards PRO provides institutions with a customized app-based solution that ensures accessible and high quality medical guidelines at the point of care. It delivers quick up to date and reliable information, that supports the working procedures.

MyMedCards PRO gives your institution a customized solution. Thereby you can design the app to adapt to local requirements, guidelines as the app is connected to a user-friendly Content management system (CMS), where you can distributes information with respect to actual needs.


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Accesible information

Knowledge within healthcare is evolving continuously. This challenge health care professionals, healthcare providers and institutions as there is limited time and resources to remain up-to-date with evidence-based medical information. Based on these challenges, MyMedCards was established and refined by an ambitious and visionary medical student and now a doctor, who’s goal is to  improve conditions by launching digital tools to make healthcare smarter (read more the history behind MyMedCards here).

Costomized to your needs

Healthcare professionals are centre for our solution, which is why we are in close contact with our end-users in order to create a user-friendly and usefull tool.This have until now created a line of features. The app is managed through a CMS that ensures easy distribution of guideline and information for administrators as well as access to quality tools such as data logging, push notifications, etc. The app supports the working procedure of health care professionals in locating the right information at the right time, Below we have listed some of the features, but a lot more are available. Please request a demo at the top menu, if you would like to see more.


content and design


Update content within seconds


Link to relevant ressources


Analyse data and improve quality and usage


Access at all time - online and offline


Full access to MyCrowd, a database full of shared and updates guidelines

Nurse at the municipality of Favrskov, Central region of Denmark

Use case

"I had a citizen with dementia. The relatives called me and asked what I could do to hold the citizen in the elderly home and at the same time I should localise the right guidelines to ensure that I did the right things at the right time. Before we had the MyMedCards app available, I had to find a computer, sign in and locate the guidelines in a very confusion "intranet" or find a paperbased ring binder with the information. Now I open the app, search and act ASAP bedsite.


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